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Unconventional Makeup

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This sub is dedicated to the wonderful artistry of unconventional, alternative, counter culture makeup as well as SFX, body art, theater makeup, editorial, goth, cosplay, and digital makeup. This is not the place for bemoaning neon eyeliner as being inappropriate for work, nor for seeking out no makeup-makeup looks. This is a place where you don't have to be model-esque to post, you don't have to be a pale princess to get upvotes or advice. You don't even have to be a woman- all genders and gender expressions are welcome. So share with us your face doodles!!!


Downvote any negative or rude comments, report users that violate our rules. We do the best we can, but sometimes we don't catch everything, as much as we wish we could.

1) Be kind and respectful. No disparaging remarks. This is a positive and supportive community.

2) Digital makeup is allowed, however it should be flaired. Flair your post when your photo has been photoshopped or filtered. Snapchat filters will be deleted.

3) Only give constructive critiques when asked.

4) Mark body art and horror posts as NSFW and add appropriate flair.

5) If you choose to promote your youtube/blog/IG, etc. it must be a relevant post that contributes to the community. You must follow proper reddiquette by only self-promoting every 1 out of 10 submissions. If you're not contributing to the community in more than just self-promotion, you'll be removed.

6) When Posting Makeup looks if it is not your own personal work you must flair it as "inspiration."

7) Flair your posts appropriately. Unflaired posts will be removed.

8) Product lists:

  • Product lists are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory
  • Members are encouraged to jot down 'Products of note' in lieu of a full product list
  • If a poster is asked for a product list, they should provide it to the best of their knowledge.

9) Mods will remove posts, comments, and ban at their discretion.

10) No affiliate links/ codes, nor such like. Comments or post that contain these may be removed without warning and you may be banned, without warning, for violating this rule.

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