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Underwear Gonewild

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> ##Verification & Flair

Submit a picture of yourself holding a card (please provide more if asked) with your username, date and subreddit name hand written on it.


Submit a link used for a precious verification from a different sub to earn your verification here.

Check out the flair here!

Once you are verified you can message one of the mods and select a colour or design.

We would also ask you to message the mods to make 100% sure we see your verification.

> ##Posting Guide

Some tags that should be used in every post:

[F] - Female

[M] - Male

[C] - Couple

[T] - Transgender

[Request] - Ask for a request

[Collection] - Show us your collection i.e. panty drawer

> ##Rules

Be sure to read reddits' site rules and reddiquete. In addition:


  • Don't be offensive, This includes Creepy PM's, Negative comments & Downvote

  • Message the mods, we need to know why it was reported

  • No asking for real names. UnderwearGW is a place of anonymity

  • Nudity is not essential but welcome

  • No uploading of spouse or partner pics without permission

  • Include Gender tag in your submissions

  • Try to space out your posts (at least an hour between posts)

  • No Selling, Soliciting or Trading

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