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Unearthed Arcana

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Unearthed Arcana aims to be a catalog for homebrew rules, weapons, scenarios, monsters, or anything else you can think of.

We take our name from the series of articles made by Wizards of the Coast, but we are not affiliated with them. We chose that name because it helps indicate the kind of content we want produced here.

Post requirements

  1. The content has to be complete in terms of material presented. It doesn't have to be perfect or balanced but it does have to be fleshed out.

    ^(We want this to be the place where a DM can go just before playing and find something that will be useful.)

  2. Content must be 5th edition specific or system agnostic

  3. Make titles useful and descriptive.


  1. Do not make requests for homebrew, thats not what the sub is for. Feel free to search the sub though!
  2. If you did not create the content, cite the source of it and give credit where it is due.
  3. If you update your post within 1 week of posting the original thread, please delete or edit the original thread.
  4. Use flair to tag your posts.
  5. Do not post content that has paywalls
  6. Do not re-post content that you have found within this sub.
  7. Avoid downvoting to disagree. Comment and share your opinion instead.
  8. Maps that are not included with an adventure or encounter must be detailed enough narratively or artistically to run an adventure from.


FAQ - Questions that pop up a lot and our responses

Resources List - resources for creating and styling homebrew

Curated Collection - homebrew we have gone through personally and is both high quality and balanced

Homebrewery - styling your homebrew without graphics programs

Live Chat Room - for quick questions and chatting about homebrew

Be sure to check out the wiki for resources on making top notch content and our ever-growing list of curated homebrew.



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