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suddenly, aesthetic

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Please be sure to read all rules before posting!

Unsure of what you can post here? The simplest way to think of it is the presence of two or more contrasting elements that, when combined, provide an aesthetically pleasing picture. Please keep this in mind before posting!

Examples of good posts:

Shadows cast by the roof of a university

Car wash soap

Almost burning down the kitchen

A strangely placed restaurant

Flair Guide

Flairs are not required, but suggested!

OC - Flair your post with OC if you took the picture yourself.

X-post - Flair your post with X-post if the picture is from another subreddit, or an external source preferably belonging to the original owner of the picture.

On mobile? Simply put the appropriate flair within []'s along with the title and it will automatically be flaired!

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