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When Thugs pop up out of nowhere.

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> >------------------------------ > >Users that violate Reddit's rules on Self promotion will be banned instantly. >

> ##Welcome! > >------------------------------ > >The subreddit for videos where there's some unexpected thug behavior showing when least expected. > >------------------------------ >We're looking for videos that showcase someone you definitely do not expect to be a bad ass or a thug, but then acts in a certain way. > >------------------------------ >They usually end or are accompanied by a rap/hip/hop beat near the end for comedic effect. That's about how plain and boring I can explain it to you, you have to see it to love it. >

> Here are two examples of what we are looking for: > >* Nerf Gun Review Thug >

>* Can't Tie Shoes Thug >


> Popular music used in True Thug videos. > >* Music Suggestion Thread >


> ###If your video was removed please click here FIRST. > > >------------------------------

> ##About Thug Flairs > >------------------------------ >------------------------------ > > > >------------------------------ > True Thug flairs indicate what we are looking for in this subreddit and what we believe stands out from the rest, but at the least contains Unexpected Thug behavior. > >------------------------------ > >

> ##Thug Friends > >------------------------------ > UnexpectedThugRequest > UnexpectedThugPics > >------------------------------ >

> ##Rules > >------------------------------ > > Read the Reddiquette. > Only post videos. Anything else will be removed. > DO NOT POST THE PUNCHLINE IN THE TITLE. Do not spoil what the 'Unexpected Thug' is going to say in the video. > /r/UnexpectedThugrequest is for videos you request to be made into a True Thug video. > We do not allow text posts on this subreddit, unless posted by a moderator. > No compilations or playlists. > If you have any complaints, questions or discussion about the subreddit in general, please message a moderator first so we can help you out personally and come to the quickest solution. > If you see a video you don't think belongs here, please report it so the mods can look at it. > Please use YouTube or Vimeo for your video uploads. Other sources will most likely be removed. > Mods are volunteers and human, don't grab pitchforks if a mistake has been made by accident.

>More detailed rules can be found here.

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