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Unidentified and the Unexplained

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Welcome to UnexplainedMedia, a subreddit that has grown out of UnexplainedPhotos where users can post photos, audio and video that defy explanation.

Photos of people who have never been identified or revealed are most welcome but please no photoshops or the like.

Sometimes media such as photos and video are linked to murder victims who remain unidentified, other times the people are involved in mysteries that are unsolved

Photos of codes yet to be cracked, incidents and places that are mysterious and mysteries that have photo evidence such as Dyatlov Pass, cryptids, UFO and ghost images welcome. In regards to posting of photos of original content, please submit those which are of a good quality and are serious in nature.

Due to the success of UnexplainedPhotos, we have decided as a community to spread our focus to include audio and video. An UnexplainedMedia subreddit but which will retain the original name.

Unexplained audio and unidentified sounds are now most welcome to be submitted as well as video of mysterious people, ufo and paranormal events or footage of unknown/unidentified suspects in crime cases too

However, please try and post those incidents that even scientists and the like find hard to disprove, rather than fakes, hoaxes and creepypasta

Post away and if theres any info with the submission please post in the comments too!

As an aside, please try and be respectful of each others views and opinions. Thought provoking discussions are preferred to attacks on other members of the community. With that in mind, the mods may ban people who overstep this mark

Also posting memes, reaction gifs and the like dont really foster insightful comments either

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