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Have you ever seen quotation marks "on" something that did not need them? If so, "post" them here!


  1. No Dr. Evil.

  2. Images only, please.

  3. Posts like this are "not" for this subreddit. Try /r/OffensiveWallpapers instead. Our submissions look like this.

  4. Please be "civil" in the comments. We are not here to be cruel, we're here just to have a laugh.

  5. The Rule of Fives: Do not repost content from the all time top 50, or from the last 5 months of submissions.
    If you report a post for this reason, please send us a link to the original post.

Because the necessity of quotes can be subjective, it is our policy to let the community decide. So please use your voting power and discuss in the comments!

Please, if you report something, leave a "reason".

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