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Unorthodox Dogs

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Unorthodogs is the place for dogs pictures that aren't necessarily "cute", but more of an [unattractive kind of cute.] (


  1. Do not post photogenic pictures of dogs, (e.g. a flattering, symmetrical photo of the dog.)

  2. Do not post sad or overly-creepy pictures of dogs!

  3. Avoid resubmitting dog pictures. If your post is not of your own dog, there is a high chance it has already been submitted.

  4. Do not post anything NSFW! Any blood, gore or pornography will be immediately taken down.

  5. Make your posts about the dog, not you/the person! Posts [like these] ( are unnacceptable.

  6. Post images with high quality. No potato quality, or blurry stuff, please.

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Using Comment Images:

  • Shiba Inu: [](/ShibaInu)
  • Pitbull: [](/Pitbull)
  • Pug: [](/Pug)
  • Corgi: [](/Corgi)
  • Pug head: [](/PugHead)

Please do not spam the comment images.

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