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Things you wish you could say to them.

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We've all had times where we've wanted to spill the beans to someone, be they bad or good, but never did or can't for whatever reasons. Post a letter here, whether it's a Thank You note or something not so happy.

Letter to an ex? Mad at the parents? Roommates getting to you? Thankful but can't express it?

This is the place to say what needs to be said.

It doesn't have to be said, but please be nice. Unnecessary, nasty comments will be STRICTLY moderated.

Don't be a jerk.  



 1. Any violation of Reddit-wide rules

Anything that violates the rules of in whole or in part and or is not in the interest of a positive community.

 2. Commenting with unsolicited advice / opinions

Do not give your opinion or advice, If the post is marked with the NAW (No Advice Wanted) flair, in response to an unsent letter post. This is not /r/Advice.

Please, flair your post with NAW if you do not want any advice.

 3. Judging Posters and Posts  

This sub exists as a haven to speak your mind without literally having to speak your mind. Respect that posters may have needed a lot of courage to type what they did. This is not a place where any poster should fear criticism, ridicule, judgment, discrimination nor downvotes for their submission.

 4. No insulting or derogatory comments  

No insulting or derogatory comments. No downvoting just because you do not like a particular redditor or unsent letter

 5. Report infractions, do not engage in conflict

If there are trolling comments or comments that you feel are inappropriate, do not engage in an argument, tit-for-tat conflict. Hit the report button and the moderation time will examine things in context.

 6. Low Effort Posts Will be Deemed SPAM

Low effort letters, such as those compromised of only two sentences, or which are copypasta, will be deemed SPAM and removed.

Moderators shall have final decision-making powers in each case and are working in the best interest of the entire sub.

 7. Do not pretend the letter is for you

Comments responding to the letter as if it's meant for them will be removed. The letters are unsent for a reason.




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NEW RULES: If you wish to post anonymously, submit it to the mods and we will post it for you.

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