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Unusual Art

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Unusual Art - strange, weird, unique art can come in many different forms.

Strange Examples Of Art in 80 Photos to give you some ideas.

Unusual Art:

Pictures, videos and gifs of stuff that catch your eye, make your brain tick, put a smile on your face, everything YOU consider unusual, strange or weird art, share here.

  • Rules:

  • Use imgur for hosting images. However, original source is allowed and preferred to imgur (except for Facebook, please don't use Facebook). Link directly to the file, or to a website with minimal advertisements clogging up the screen

  • If possible, please accredit the artist by their real name, and link to the original source/their website. Please take 5 minutes to use Google Reverse Image Search or TinEye.

  • We would prefer it if you didn't link to galleries of images; chose your favourite, and submit only that. You could then post the link to the gallery in the comments.

  • If you are submitting original content, please tag your submission with an [OC]

  • If there is NSFW content TAG IT

  • Reasonable criticism is encouraged, but unnecessary insults and mockery is not acceptable and will result in comment removal.

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