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1. No posting or commenting personal information.

2. Default subreddits are allowed only if they have more than 1000 upvotes.

3. No posting links that fit within the average posts on that Sub-Reddit.

4. No posting links to URLs outside Reddit. Please post a direct link to the actual thread.

  • Example: Posting an image hosted on Imgur then posting the Reddit thread in the comments or posting the image and giving no context will have your thread removed.

5. No posting links from Sub-Reddits specifically about women, porn subs, this sub, etc.

6. No witch hunting.

7. While we try to leave this up to the community, mods reserve all rights to remove any post we feel isn't fit for this Sub-Reddit.

8. Ask yourself if the post would have been upvoted if it was a man before posting.

9. All submissions must replace 'www.' in their URL with 'np.' or their submission will be removed.

10. Don't go full dickbutt, you NEVER go full dickbutt.

KEEP IN MIND: A woman in a post does not automatically equal UpvotedBecauseGirl material.

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Please don't hesitate message the moderators with any questions, comments, or complaints about the rules. It helps everyone on here!

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