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Places you DON'T want to live in

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A photo subreddit for all the hideous places humans have built OR inhabit: ghettos, dilapidated cities and suburbs, overpopulated megalopolises, abandoned or miserably poor villages, dirty and unkept neighborhoods, collapsing industrial sites, tasteless monuments, non-elegant decay, absurd architectural failures. Posting pictures of lovely scenery that has been ruined by the human touch is also encouraged. This subreddit is basically the exact opposite of /r/CityPorn, /r/VillagePorn, /r/ArchitecturePorn and /r/EarthPorn.

Submission Rules:

  • While the places posted should be aesthetically unappealing, it is recommended that the photo quality is good. Artsy shots are more than welcome.

  • Please be sure to include the location in the title.

  • Ideally, include the resolution in [brackets], [panorama] or [gallery] in the title.

  • OC is welcome, especially with the purpose of raising awareness.

  • There can be people and animals in the photos but only as long as they fit in.

  • You are allowed to post static images, albums of such and interactive panoramas. Further information about the place is allowed to be posted in the comment section.

  • The subreddit is quite new and I'm still coming up with the list of approved hosts, but for now I recommend that you stick to the ones approved by the sfwporn subreddits.

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