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Vaping 101

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This is a subreddit for those who have begun, or who wish to begin vaping. We would appreciate those with experience kindly provide guidance, knowledge, and insight without bias. The intent is to educate and prevent any danger upfront for these newcomers.

That being said, be nice. This is a new territory for a lot of users here, and questions will be asked that you may find to be stupid/common sense. Well, to them they're unsure and are seeking guidance.
Help a fellow out.


  1. Be kind!
  2. There are no stupid questions!
  3. No hand-checks or vape mail. This content goes to r/vaping
  4. This is not a place for herbal/concentrates (check out r/vaporents)
  5. Do NOT harass or report previous non-smokers! You may, however, politely advise against their decision to vape.
  6. Don't spam!



Your free pass to posting in here will be if you can help provide newcomers deals to save them on the initial upfront cost of getting their first kit, upgrading, or stocking up on juice. Giveaways, Like our Facebook for blah, refer a friend, etc deals are prohibited. Pretty much leaves it to coupon codes, sales, and BOGO offers.



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/r/vapeitforward - a place to give, or receive, vape products, for free or for price of postage. This is for those who are struggling to get started.

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