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Music Optimized for Abandoned Malls — Vaporwave

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  1. This subreddit is for vaporwave music and discussion. Anything else belongs in the alternative subreddits (see below).
  2. Title format for music posts must be: Artist - Title | Description. Make your description meaningful.
  3. Be civil. This doesn't need to be said.

Alternative Vaporwave Subreddits

  • /r/VaporwaveArt: Vaporwave-themed art and designs. No music.
  • /r/VaporwaveAesthetics: Vaporwave-themed visual aesthetics.
  • /r/VaporwaveInspiration: Non-vaporwave music that sounds like vaporwave. Sampling material for producers.
  • /r/MakingVaporwave: Discuss and get help with music production.
  • /r/Hyperbattle: Vaporwave music competition.
  • /r/VaporwaveCassettes: Post and trade vaporwave cassettes.
  • /r/Vapormeme: Memes, shitposting, etc.
  • /r/Simpsonswave: All simpsonswave styled videos belong here.
  • Big multi-reddit: A bunch of subreddits combined.

Other Places for Discussion

Important Links

☼ Volafile Room ☼ (new!)

Where to download & stream vaporwave?

What is Vaporwave not?

A lot of genres can be mistaken for vaporwave. If you want to post music that belongs to any of the following subgenres, please post it in its respective subreddit.

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