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Music Optimized for Abandoned Malls — Vaporwave

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  • Posts must be vaporwave music/discussion.
  • Recommended music formatting is: Artist - Song Title | Description.
  • Make titles meaningful, avoid generic descriptions.
  • Search before posting. Read the wiki.

Alternative Vaporwave Subreddits:

  • /r/VaporwaveAesthetics: Things that are not vaporwave by design, but fit the aesthetics.
  • /r/VaporwaveInspiration: Music that has a vaporwave vibe or could be sampled in vaporwave tracks.
  • /r/VaporwaveArt: Vaporwave-themed art and visuals. No music allowed.
  • /r/MakingVaporwave: Music production & artist discussion.
  • /r/Hyperbattle: Vaporwave music competition.
  • /r/VaporwaveCassettes: Vaporwave cassette trade and discussion. Pictures of physical collections belong here.
  • /r/Vapormeme: Memes, shitposting, etc.
  • Big multi-reddit: A bunch of subreddits combined.

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What is Vaporwave not?

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