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Wedgie Girls: All your female wedgie needs (/r/WedgieGirls)

Welcome to /r/WedgieGirls! The best place on reddit to post pics, videos and stories about girls getting and giving wedgies!

This sub-reddit is only for women receiving wedgies by either sex.

Anything related to male wedgies can be posted over in /r/wedgieboys.

If you are interested in natural wedgies why not check out /r/hungrybutts (natural wedgies are still welcome here as well).



  1. No offering to trade pay site clips, in comments or posts, as it promotes circumventing paying professionals for their work.

  2. Please use Imgur, Dropbox, Minus, or other reddit approved image hosts so mobile users can still have a good experience. If for some reason you can not use one of these image hosts, or prefer not to, and the host of your choice is not friendly to mobile users, it must be tagged [MOBILE UNFRIENDLY] or it will be removed.

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