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RULE 0: The sub name is not a challenge.

This subreddit is for videos/gifs where you wonder "Why would a normal person film what was happening (or not happening when the clip starts?" The goal is not to figure out why...

Rule 1: No Security footage or Staged clips

This includes clips from CCTV's, security cams, dash cams, prank channels, IRL Streamers, etc.

Rule 2: Don't police the sub.

We're more of a lighthearted sub, don't take it too seriously.

If you come across a post that doesn't belong here, just downvote it and move on. If it's really egregious, a mod will remove it. Don't make a "This doesn't belong here" comment. They will be removed.

Rule 3: Flair your posts!

Please flair your post depending on whether it is a GIF or a video. Automod will be introduced soon to allow automatic flairs and filters too.

Rule 4: No spam.

Self explanatory. You spam, you get banned, simple as that.

Rule 5: Don't be a dick.

Come on, let's be nice here. If you're just gonna be an asshole, your comment will be removed.

Rule 6: NSFW and NSFL content must be flaired.

NSFW and NSFL is definitely not for everyone, but we'll allow it. You must flair it with either "NSFW/NSFL Video" or "NSFW/NSFL GIF". Filters to not see NSFW/NSFL content will come shortly.

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