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Wilderness Backpacking

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Welcome to Wilderness Backpacking

  • What is Wilderness Backpacking?

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. We try to foster a helpful, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere in this sub- please do your best to contribute to this end. TL;DR: Don't be a jerk.

  • No advertising or promotional posts please. If you find a new or little-known website that has services/products/resources for backpackers, feel free to share it if it hasn't been posted previously (use the search function), but do not post give-aways, contests, raffles, or advertise for a specific company, website or product. These posts will be removed.

  • Try our new chat room: Campfire Chat

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GEAR - Discussions/Questions/Links about backpacking gear

TRAIL - Discussions/Questions about trails

PICS - Pictures of your backpacking adventures

DIY - Discussions/Questions/Links about making your own backpacking related things

HOWTO - Instructionals, lessons, How-Tos on backpacking related topics

ADVICE - Questions/Discussions about tips/tricks/advice on various backpacking topics

SITES - Backpacking related websites

DISCUSSION - General discussion about backpacking

META - Discussions about this sub


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