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Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

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Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

This is a sub dedicated to Gifs, Videos and News reports of people playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes. All posts must follow this theme!

Rule: 1 No Death or Gore Death and injuries with gore are not permitted. If it belongs on /r/Watchpeopledie or /r/Gore it doesn't belong here. (This has been retroactively applied to old posts.)

Rule: 2 No Reposting Cross posts are allowed but do not repost content that has already been posted to /r/winstupidprizes. (This will not be retroactively applied.)

Rule: 3 Be Civil All posts and comments should be civil. Personal attacks, racism, and bigotry of any kind are not allowed. Severe cases will be met with a ban.

The Moderators reserve the right to remove any post or comment at our discretion even if it does not break the above rules.

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