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Winnipeg - "One Great City"

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Welcome to /r/Winnipeg! Please message the mods if you have questions or concerns.

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Rules & Guidelines

If you generally adhere to the same standards of behaviour online that you follow in real life you'll do fine.

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  • Post Personal Info/Witch-hunt.
  • Post racist/discriminatory/prejudicial stuff.
  • Shitpost.
  • Submission titles should match the headline of the submitted article: Please express your personal opinion in the comments, not the headline. For the same reason, please do not create self-posts with a link to the article within.
  • Break reddit: Brigading, titles instructing people to vote up etc.
  • Post Blogspam.
  • Make low-effort posts or comments that don't contribute to discussion.
  • Use URL shorteners.
  • Create a self post with a URL when posting a link.
  • Make commercial posts/solicit for services outside of the Winnipeg Market thread.

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Winnipeg Jets or /r/WinnipegJets

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Market Refreshed Monthly. Rules.

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Common Questions

There is nothing wrong with getting a little help. If you're feeling low please consider reaching out to the Crisis Response Centre, open 24/7 @ 817 Bannatyne Avenue.

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