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There's no country for women in this patriarchal world; WOmen+noMAD

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As women who are outside of the current male-made moral, norms and ethics, we do NOT support, or even acknowledge any other social/political movements unless it's directly related with women's right. We're against the recent neo-misogynistic trend in the name of Gender-queer and Trans-activism. Lesbians and bisexual women are always welcome. Gay and Trans-people will be mocked and shamed to death here, as well as straight males.

◎ WOMAD 공지 ◎The General Rule in r/Womad

  1. 여혐금지 (No Misogyny)

  2. 남성멸시 (Misandry is required)

  3. 친목, 셀털, 네임드화 금지 (Do NOT acknowledge other users or leak anyone's personal information, and do NOT try to be a celebrity here) (개인을 식별할 수 있는 정보 및 기타 신체부위 인증 및 자아표출 금지)

  4. 게시글, 댓글 도배 금지 (Do NOT submit same posts or replies in a short time)

  5. 팰년팰 쓸년쓸 (If you wanna argue or express your uninhibited opinion, go for it.)

  6. 고소각은 알아서 잴 것.(Watch your own back when you post illegal stuffs.)

<< Womad 內 모든 자료의 이동, 스크랩은 자유롭게 허용합니다. >> (All contents in r/Womad is copyleft; feel free to copy and paste them.)

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