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Writing Prompts: Prompts and motivation to create something out of nothing

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We are a subreddit dedicated to inspiring people to write! Find a prompt that moves you and respond with a story or a poem. FAQ »

The subreddit where it's all made up and the points don't matter.

Weekly Schedule

>######Sunday Free Write: >Rosetta Stone Edition [All]

>######Monday Spotlight: >Bilgebum - r/nonsenselocker [All]

>######Tuesday Highlights: >Highlighting [CC] & [PI] posts

>######Wednesday Wildcard (Did you Know?)

>Writing Sprints [All]

>######Thursday [TT] Theme: >Sales [All]

>######Friday: A Novel Idea: >Reviving A Dead Project [All]

>######Saturday SatChat:

>How do you evoke emotion [All]

Rules & Guidelines

>Full Explanations »

>Hover or tap below for more detail

  • ^< 1. Direct prompt replies must be good-faith attempts at new stories or poems

  • 30 words minimum (but don't just stick to that)

  • Write something new using the prompt for inspiration
  • Plagiarism will result in a ban
  • No joke responses / copypasta
  • For off topic/clarification, reply to sticky comment

  • ^< 2. No sexually explicit responses, hate speech, or other harmful content

  • Includes, but is not limited to, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, rape, and explicit abuse or torture

  • Avoid racism and detailed uses of suicide and political debate
  • Use your best judgment, but mods have final say

  • ^< 3. Be civil in discussion, feedback, and critiques

  • Users are held to a higher standard here. Think before posting

  • Prompts are meant to inspire new writing. Responses don't have to fulfill every detail
Submitting Posts
  • ^< 4. All submissions must be tagged

  • Click [tag] to filter. Click » for more detail

  • Prompt Posts (Inspire new writing)

  • WP - Writing Prompt: No restrictions (other than the rules of the sub) »

  • EU - Established Universe: Based on existing fiction »
  • CW - Constrained Writing: Limitations or forced usage of words, letters, etc. (don't ask for less than 100 words) »
  • TT - Theme Thursday: Weekly themes announced Thursdays »
  • MP - Media Prompt: Audio or video »
  • IP - Image Prompt: A striking image or album »
  • RF - Reality Fiction: Things that have happened or could happen to unknown people »

  • Response Posts (Write based on prompts)

  • PM - Prompt Me: Answer prompts by other users (if answered prompts before) »

  • PI - Prompt Inspired: Stories inspired by prompts older than three days (include link) »
  • CC - Constructive Criticism: [PI]s you would like critiqued »

  • Other Posts

  • OT - Off Topic: Not a prompt, but writing related, not for complaints regarding subreddit content, stories, or advertising without prior approval »

  • ^< 5. No recent reposts, even if changing small details

  • Search before submitting! (Popular ideas can cause floods)

  • Reposts are allowed, given time (around two weeks)
  • Don't take a recent prompt and change/invert small details

  • ^< 6. We’re here to inspire creative writing, not play writing games or commission stories

  • No requesting writing or editing services, or homework help

  • Don't prompt to advertise, modmail us before posting [OT] ads
  • Prompts go in the title (except IP and MP) but avoid too many details
  • Don't ask writers to pick titles or content from another sub or site
  • Prompts should not call for using autocorrect, autocomplete, or only emojis

  • ^< 7. Prompts will be removed if there's a high possibility for rule breaking responses

  • Avoid real-world drama (politics, recent tragedies, etc.)

  • Inspire an effort, avoid simple questions, "write anything", word games, fill-in-the-blanks, or "in X words or less"
  • Prompts must actually be a prompt, not just the suggestion of a genre or emotion
  • Don't ask for preexisting content (prompts are meant for new writing)
  • No sexually explicit themes, hate speech, or other harmful content
  • No troll, joke, poop, or meme-based prompts
Community Guidelines
  • ^< 8. Keep it about the writing here, not competing or making money

  • Authors are allowed to link to a personal sub or profile, but don't link back here until the prompt is 24 hours old

  • Patreon and Paypal links are not allowed. Link to your sub or profile instead

Rule breaking posts or comments may be removed without notice. Rule breaking may result in a permanent ban without prior warning.

If you spot a violation, please use the Report button underneath the post. This is the best way to help! If you have an issue with other users, send us a modmail.

All content is © by the original authors.


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