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Made for WtSSTaDaMiT (/r/WtSSTaDaMiT)

WtSSTaDaMiT = When the sun shines through a dress and makes it transparent.

We all love when the sun shines through the dress of a beautiful woman. Post your best pics of this incredible wonder of nature here for everyone to enjoy.


If you want an Original Content/Verified flair like on /r/gonewild, please message the mods with verification.

  • People wearing seethrough clothes will be removed (i.e. this).

  • Dresses which have been soaked in water are not allowed because that is not WtSSTaDaMiT.

  • Nudity is not required.

  • Memes will be removed on sight.

  • Under no circumstances are minors to be posted wearing WtSSTaDaMiT.

  • Skirts are accepted.

  • Creep shots (i.e this) will be removed.

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