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Worst of younique makeup artists

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Welcome to Youniqueamua where we share the worst of Younique and it's minions.

We have a few rules in place just to keep everything light, please take the time to read through them.

1) When submitting please make sure that any @names are blurred/covered, hashtags are fine and don't apply to this rule.

2) Keep any form of slagging to makeup only, ie not someone who can't help what they look like, that's not what we are about.

3) Posts must contain something to show it's 'Younique' it can be a tag, product, page ect. The reasoning behind this is to help filter out posts that are only submitted due to something personal.

MLM Monday's are now a thing! On Monday's we have decided to allow any other MLM companies a little place on this sub reddit (however rules still apply).

If anyone has any further suggestions please let us know in the pinned posts and we'll see what we can do ♡. If you have any problems regarding this sub feel free to send one of the mods a message.

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