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Zionist Zealots

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Boldly committed to denouncing and debunking the lies sponsor by Israel's various propaganda organizations, whether IDF, ADL, JIDF, AIPAC, CAMERA or any other hasbara fanatics. Our objective is none other than to stand up against polarizing and outright misinformation with the truth and nothing but the truth.


"I should much rath-er see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. My awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power, no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain—especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks, against which we have already had to fight strongly, even without a Jewish state. ... If external necessity should after all compel us to assume this burden, let us bear it with tact and patience." Albert Einstein - 1938 speech, "Our Debt to Zionism"

  • "Force always attracts men of low morality." – Albert Einstein

  • "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." – Albert Einstein

  • "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." – Albert Einstein

  • "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." – Albert Einstein

  • "He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice." – Albert Einstein


  • Make sure to adhere to the rules of reddit, also familiarize yourself with Reddiquette. This will help you avoid any potential mishaps. Don't forget that we can disagree without being disagreeable.

  • Be amicable and courteous to your fellow redditors.

  • Trolling will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. This includes any type of disrespectful or hateful discriminatory comments on race, religion, ideology, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. In addition to ad hominem submissions or comments for the purpose of denigrating, ridiculing, defaming or smearing another redditor or subreddit.

  • Trolls will be given one warning and one warning only. If after their respective warning the troll in question foolishly persist with their childish behavior, he/she will be permanently banned with absolutely no chance for appeal.

  • Do not assume anything.

  • Do not blatantly seek confrontation by utilizing colorful or aggressive rhetoric.

  • Avoid making derogatory statements about the poster, such snobbish attitude constitutes as an act of trolling. Besides such comments are immaterial and irrelevant to the discussion.

  • Stay on point, do not deviate from the subject being discuss.

  • Provide concrete evidence through embedding links when presenting an argument or counterargument.

  • Keep in mind that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Therefore, this isn't a forum to showcase anybody's opinion. Including those of the moderators themselves.

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