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A Song of Memes and Rage

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A place to post meme and rage-comic links or other similar funny posts related to George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series and the HBO show based on his works, Game of Thrones.

Serious discussions will not be tolerated. Please visit /r/asoiaf or /r/gameofthrones for those.

About Spoilers

All posts should be spoiler-tagged at the beginning of the title to your post. For example: [S1 Spoilers], [ADWD Spoilers], [All Spoilers], [No Spoilers] followed by post title. Any comment made to such a post that goes beyond the title's tag will be removed. Multiple violations will result in bans for said user.

Tagging spoilers in comment replies works just like Reddit links. The click-text is the spoiler label, and spoiler text goes inside quotes as part of the URL like this:

[spoiler description](#s "your spoiler text")

That creates this spoiler tag:

spoiler description

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