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Have you heard about a6theism10?

You have now. Spread the word!

Made an original rage comic about atheism?

Found one somewhere else?

Submit it here.

No witch-hunting.

Use your manners. Death threats, hate speech and telling others to kill themselves may result in a ban. Posts that are not rage comics will be removed.

Use Rage maker!

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Please submit the image itself, not a link to a submission in another subreddit.


Did you hear the news? We now use rage faces in the comments too.

So abuse it.

Thanks to thelegitmidget for the custom flair

Thanks to Herpmcderpia for the header

Thanks to Jaxspider for being a CSS gangsta.

Note: Obvious trolling/satire/circlejerk posts will be removed at the moderators' convenience. Repeat offenders may be banned.

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