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Asian Beauty Discussion

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Like Asian Beauty but just want to discuss it? Then this is the place for you! Discuss Asian beauty products, brands, trends, reviews, tools and application methods here.


  • Be nice Keep discussions with each other civil

  • Posts must encourage discussion This means no selfies, haul pictures or posts, routine help, fluff or memes. Questions with definite answers, that can be answered with an internet search, do not encourage discussion or are thinly veiled personal posts are not appropriate and will be removed.

  • No personal content in the text box When creating a discussion topic, any answers or examples should go in the comments as a reply to your own post. This is so your own experience does not automatically dominate the discussion.

  • Reviews are temporarily suspended


Weekly Discussion:
  • Asian Beauty Reader’s Digest Monday Share AB news, trends, blogs, articles etc

  • Ingredients and Studies Tuesday Discussion of ingredients and studies of Asian cosmetics

  • Makeup Discussion Wednesday Discuss anything related to Asian makeup

  • Miscellaneous AB Thursday Discuss beauty tools, nail polish, hair products etc

  • Festivus Friday Let out your frustrations AB edition

  • Random Chat Saturday

  • Unknown Brand Sunday Discuss unknown or new brands


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