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/r/Abolish: Abolish the Death Penalty

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|Reddit Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty| :--|:--:|--: > | Mission Statement| :--|:--:|--: >- Our goal is to be the catylyst that leads to the barbaric practice of executing citizens of the United States of America to be done away with.


>- We are the minority, but together we can be a force to put an end to the tooth for tooth "justice" of our ancestors.


>- We do not believe the solution to killing could ever be more killing.This is not how we solve problems in the 21st century


>- We invite discussion of all death penalty related issues,but prefer to focus on those in the United States.You do not have to support abolishment in order to post, but we do hope you keep an open mind when reading or posting on this subreddit.

> |What to post| :--|:--:|--: >- Anything remotely related to the death penalty and/or abolition, but remember we've got to see the connection or you have to explain it to us especially art/entertainment things. Also any questions or suggestions to the community.


>- If you look at the "Categories of Submissions" section below in this sidebar you will see the "filter by tags" display.Those tags will give you an idea of what kind of content to post.


>- If you haven't already always check the sticky for updates and is a good place to direct questions/suggestions to me and the mods.


>- If you want to keep it simple you can always help us make our wiki a.k.a The Abolitionist Handbook It isn't open for editing to the public, but in case you would like to be an approved submitter, moderator, or help me with some CSS let me know by PM > |How to categorize your submission.(add "flair/tag")| :--|:--:|--: >- After you post, if you want to categorize your post there is a link below your post that says "add tag".The categories will be listed there.Click the one you want and press "save".This option may not be available on some mobile browsers so you will have to let the moderaters assign your category.

> |Links/Resources| :--|:--:|--:

>- Death Penalty Information Center


>- American Civil Liberties Union


>- Wikipedia Article on Capital Punishment

>- Equal Justice Initiative


>- Here is a primer on the death penalty.

>- Here are more links

> |Affiliated Subreddits| :--|:--:|--:

>- /r/CommunityOfChrist

>- /r/prisonreform

>- /r/prisons

>- /r/LegalNews

> |Categories of submissions.| :--|:--:|--: > |You can apply any of these tags after you post or click below to filter the post you see.| :--:|:--:|:--: > -------------- news | discussions | art| > announcements| telivision | movies | > books| events| |questions > websites |opinions| documentaries > videos | old news| images > executions| explanations| requests > music| organizations| pro death post > op-eds| poems| short stories > Self-Post | AMAs |cross post > TILs | blogs| no topic

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