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Welcome to the Absolver Subreddit - a community dedicated to Sloclap's third person combat game.


  1. Please be respectful.
  2. Low-effort content, spam and comments that don't contribute to the discussion, as well as redundant threads, may be removed.
  3. Posting of NSFW content is not allowed.
  4. No copy-pastas or rage comics.
  5. No racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic language.
  6. Use spoiler tags when appropriate and please do not include lore/story spoilers in the titles of posts.
  7. No witch hunting or targeted harassment. If you believe someone is hacking, report them to SloClap directly by email at one of either or, preferably with video/screenshot evidence and a date and approximate time (specifying timezone) of the encounter.
  8. No self-promotions. Posting your own content or hosting a community event is permitted and encouraged; posting your personal Twitch channel without a topical Absolver event slated or your entire Youtube channel is not.
  9. Please remember to specify what platform (and region) you play on when posting about school codes or playing with others, as school codes are separated by platform.


  • Please use the spoiler tag when talking about story or gameplay spoilers. Use the NSFW Flair to add a SPOILER tag to your post.

  • Use the Spoiler Tag -- [Become the Absolver.](/s) to get this: Become the Absolver


Official FAQ (by SloClap) Deckbuilding Guide (by NanoHologuise) Move Locations and Lore (by Xiga and Keelio) Move Data (by balistafreak) Wiki (Heavy WIP)

Official Discord Server:

Official Discord

Other Social Media Links:

Official Twitter
Official Website Official Forum Developer Website
Developer Twitter
Publisher Twitter
Steam Discussion Forum

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