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abuseporn: For when you know she's not into it

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Terrible porn- Basically, any type of porn featuring a girl who obviously isn't happy, or who doesn't like it. This doesn't necessarily mean real rape, it could be bondage, fantasy, just normal abusive stuff. As long as it feels real. Ex. Facial Abuse, Meatholes, Gregory Galitsin, Painal, Max Hardcore, ~~Pablo Lapiedra~~(Actually, Scratch that. No new videos by him. Apparently a lot of the girls in his videos are underage. I will give a warning and then ban whoever posts that content) etc.

So, what does that mean exactly? Well, here are some rules and suggestions.


  1. Nothing illegal whatsoever! If you see anything suspicious, report it.

  2. If it looks to fake, It will be removed. You can, however, prevent this by telling a convincing story

  3. No spamy/paid link stuff.

  4. No copious scat- dirt anal/a2m is fine and even encouraged, but if more than an ounce or so of shit is visible, it's gone.

  5. If the girl is too ugly, the video will be removed.

  6. No racism or homophobia. Yeah, I know, it kinda doesn't make sense due to the subject matter, but I'm adamant about it.

  7. New Rules on Motherless Links.

  8. Mobile Links aren't allowed.

  9. All images must be hosted on imgur or in an album/set. Suggestions:

  1. Try sites like motherless, nude vista, and slutload. They tend to have the best and most degrading content.

  2. This isn't /r/beatingwomen. Yes, it is about objectification and degradation, but we aren't going for violence for violence's sake. We are trying to bust a nut, not send a message.

  3. Use your google foo! Or nudevista foo. Whatever. If you find a promising site full of good material, try google searching it by adding to the end of your search.

Hall of Infamy

Water torture(Worth it, but it's a torrent)


Virgin gets ruined-lots of tears(use adblock)

Tons of videos of girls getting choked out


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