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Reclaiming the Swastika

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Swastikas where you least expect them


1. Submissions must portray a swastika shape.

2. Submissions must portray an accident.

3. The following are 'Forbidden Posts'. These are common reposts. Do not post these.

a. Clothing racks

b. Recycle symbol

c. Desks

d. Plastic connectors

e. Computer fans

f. That '70s Show

g. Basket weave brick formation

h. Ceiling vents

i. This clothing/building pattern

4. Have a quick scan of the front page and our subreddit's active submissions, especially if your image came from elsewhere on Reddit. Flagrant reposts are punishable by ban.

5. Use imgur or reddituploads.

6. Report button is your friend. Use it when you see a post/comment that breaks the rules.

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