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Organizing knife raffles

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Knife | Slots | $/each ---|---|---- Small 21 Sebenza CGG Cross Hatch + Bronze PVD Coating w/ Millit milled clip|20|$20 SRK Friction Folder (Damascus and Bamboo)|10|$25 Millit Max Evolution|17|$25 Reate Torrent|20|$14 Reate Horizon D CF|11|$25

If your raffle is valued at >$150

Request Raffle Approval

When your raffle is full, use the following syntax to invoke the bot:

/u/raffle_rng X

X = The maximum number of slots
Note: The invoke must be the ONLY thing posted in the comment.


Getting scammed in a raffle is always a possibility. Take care especially when dealing in raffles with people who are not flaired as approved rafflers, and be sure when participating in 'big ticket' raffles, that they have been properly mod approved.

If you win an item, and do not receive it in a timely manner, contact the mods with information so we can take necessary action to ensure the well-being of the community.

Raffle Process

Raffles > $150

  1. Click Request Raffle Approval link on the sidebar.

  2. Come to an agreement with mods regarding pricing/photos.

  3. Make a post (tag train) in the meta thread with raffle details.

  4. Reply to mods with a permalink to be added to sidebar queue.

  5. Submit Raffle thread to the sub and flair your post.

Raffles < $150

  1. Submit Raffle on the side.

  2. Message mod team to let us know it's been posted.




All posts and submissions are hidden by default to prevent stepping on each others toes.

To request permission to submit a raffle, message the mods with:

  • The make and model of the knife.
  • The # of slots and the $ per slot, and the raffle total.
  • Length of time one has to pay for their spot
  • Description of any imperfections the knife has.
  • List "original purchase" items that are not included. Box, pouch, certificate, et cetera.
  • Timestamp of the knife.
  • Pictures of the knife of all the basics (centering, lockup, closeups).
  • Pictures of any imperfections.

If this is your first raffle request provide evidence of an established reputation. Trader flair on knife_swap or another similar sub or screenshots of your profile page on another sight e.g. Blade Forums, Jerzeedevil, certain Facebook groups work too.

If you don't have any of these things we can escrow the raffle. One of the mods will collect the payments and send them to you once the winner receives the item.

2) Be reasonable with your pricing, please don't ask 95% of retail on a production knife you can find readily available. We are not Instagram. If your asking price is far above what we deem to be market value, you will be asked to lower pricing. Be fair when assessing condition, wear, and tear. The total amount of the raffle must be under the lowest current retail price, unless the secondhand market price of the knife is above the original retail, ie, a discontinued or rare knife. Third-party modifications done either by you or someone else generally will NOT add value to a knife, but this will be decided case by case.

3) The raffle holder cannot require the winner to pay for shipping, which is entirely on the sender to cover.

4) Every raffle must include a timestamped photo with your handwritten username and the date. Include in the photo all items to be raffled, e.g, knife, box, extra parts, and aftermarket parts.

Include in your post at least one picture of each side of your knife opened. If your knife is used, include clear photos of any wear, or damage.

Include instructions to use "friends and family" and to not comment when paying in the OP of your raffle.

5) If shipping international, the winner of the raffle is required to pay the difference between domestic and int'l shipping's price. The raffler reserves the right to not ship internationally; however, this must specify this in the original post. Otherwise, it is assumed that everyone is welcome to participate.

If shipping int'l, please communicate with the winner of the raffle to make sure he understands the extra price he must pay and the risk he assumes.

6) When sharing a link of r/accidentlyraffles, please respect the rules of where you're posting.

Don't be annoying when advertising the sub.

7) You may not post a raffle if the item is for sale elsewhere. Please remove any WTS by the time you are live with your raffle.

8) A maximum of one <$150 raffle and one >$150 raffle may be run at any time. <$150 raffles do not require mod approval. >$150 raffles require mod approval.

9) When it is your turn to raffle, please be ready to update or it will bumped down the queue. Upon being live, a 'main' raffle (>$150 net) has a maximum of 48 hours to complete. <$150 raffles have a maximum of 24 hours to complete. Additionally, 'main' raffles must reach 50% capacity within 12 hours (6 hours for <$150 raffles), or they will be cancelled automatically.

We do ask OPs to have the clarity of mind to recognize that even if the allotted time hasn't passed, and it is obvious your raffle won't hit this milestone, to close down early so we can keep the queue in motion.

10) No bundled knives. No desirable knife paired with something that won't sell. You may sell one knife with associated accessories. Don't try to pull a fast one. You know what we mean.

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