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Welcome new actors! Want to know how to get started in the business? See below!

Acting Info

Books & Plays

Casting Websites/Breakdowns & Auditions

This is a place for artists to:

  • Discuss the mechanics of acting technique (Adler, Chekhov, Meisner etc.).
  • To troubleshoot performance blockages.
  • Discuss solutions for character enhancement or realization.
  • Assist with on-set and on-stage etiquette.
  • Discuss the business of the craft.

Offer your advice with imagination, honesty, and empathy.

Memes, unless of the unavoidable kind appearing in The Selfish Gene, are not permitted.

When looking for monologues please use this format: I am looking for a [Style] monologue for a [Age] [Sex] [Character Type] who is auditioning for [Medium]. Before asking, please read Finding and Requesting Monologues. You may also want to look at our list of Books & Plays.

Do not post links to someone's/ your own acting classes, your post will be removed. If you want to help people learn, give constructive advice.

If you are looking to hire actors, we welcome the opportunity, but please be as specific as possible about project/ audition.

Crowdfunding posts are permitted, but may be removed if they do not seem bona fide. There should be no audition or casting incentive tied to a donation, as this would amount to a paid audition. You may want to consider before posting that an Actor's subreddit is not a terribly good source of funds.

We do not permit posts from by popular consensus. They seem to bother people in the same way as a Multi User Dungeon.

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