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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange

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Posters may not require an entry fee or a specific payment. Please report any threads that demand money.

We have a zero tolerance policy on stealing because theft will stop people from hosting. Don't be a dick.


  • This subreddit is dedicated to helping people find a town to sell their turnips. If you notice Reese is offering a high price for turnips, and you know you can have your gates open at some point before the prices change, feel free to make a post.


  • You are required to put your information in your flair.

  • Flair should follow these guidelines: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX Name, Town

  • For example: 0123-4567-8910 Snoo, Redditland

  • Request a Rate My Mayor page to earn turnip flairs.

Rules and Guidelines

Posting Rules

  • Reese buying for ### bells
  • Do not post prices under 150 (except Saturdays)

  • Joan selling for ### bells

  • Joan threads can ONLY be posted on Sundays

  • [LF] Town to sell

  • Any [LF] Threads posted from Sunday - Weds will be removed
  • [LF] threads CANNOT ask for turnip prices over 200

  • Recommended tip: 10%

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