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Admincraft: Minecraft Server Talk for Serious Admins and Developers

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Welcome to /r/admincraft! Read this guide before posting.

Hello and welcome to /r/admincraft! This subreddit is for Minecraft administrators and developers who are serious about cultivating a quality server with a quality community.

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Please read this guide before posting your question. Make sure to be detailed!


  1. Submit content that's relevant for Minecraft administrators and developers. Irrelevant content will be removed.

  2. No attacks; personal or otherwise. Friendly suggestions and constructive criticism are fine.

  3. No server advertising. Go to /r/mcservers for that. Using your server as an example is allowed.

  4. Self posts about your own content and linked posts to non revenue generating content are both allowed.

  5. Self-promoted links to revenue generating content are not allowed. Use the Reddit ad system.

  6. Blatant advertising will be downvoted.

  7. Follow reddiquette; stay classy.

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