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Welcome to /r/AdoptAReddit; the subreddit where orphaned or abandoned subreddits can be offered up for adoption and adopted!

Color Guide (click link to filter) | :--|--:|:--: Up For Adoption - Subreddits which are still looking for a new home!| Adopted! - Subreddits which have successfully been transferred to a new owner. |

What's /r/AdoptAReddit?

/r/AdoptAReddit is the subreddit where you can give other redditors the opportunity to moderate the subreddits you no longer have an interest in moderating.

If you found a subreddit you'd like to take over and there are either inactive moderators or no mods, be sure to check out /r/RedditRequest's sidebar for more information. Also check out /r/SubsToRequest to find subreddits you might want to request.

If you need some extra helping hands on your existing subreddit, or you would like to gain more moderation experience, be sure to check out /r/NeedAMod.

Some Do's and Don'ts for Posters

  • Don't leave the subreddit before transferring it to someone.

  • Do go through a user's history before inviting them.

  • Do make the subreddit public before posting (this can be done in the subreddit's settings).

  • Do link to the subreddit in the post.

  • Don't give up the subreddit to PM requests.

  • Don't make a post and never respond or invite the user.

  • Do send the mods a message if you do not know how to transfer a subreddit, or have any other questions.

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