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Adorable Porn

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> A subreddit for adorable porn. > > > Rules: > > 1. It must be porn. (Nudity is considered porn here) > > 2. It must be adorable. > > 3. No minors. > > 4. No meme posts / image macros > > 5. If you're just submitting a picture, please host it on Imgur or Gfycat. This cuts down on blogspam, as well as broken links from small webservers that can't handle the traffic. > > 6. Blatant reposts (of images that are still on the front page, for example) will be removed without warning > > 7. Reddiquette still applies/ No self promotion > >8. Don't be a dick * This is not a request sub do not submit "Who is she" posts, violators earn a 1 day ban, repeat violators will be banned permanently.

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