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AFL Vote

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About Us

Help us work out who 2016's Charles Brownlow Trophy AKA - The Brownlow Medal will go to*

Each week we will vote on each game of the round for 3 | 2 | 1 votes for which player should win the votes, and maybe we can predict who the 2016 Brownlow Medal winner will be.

Voting Instructions

-Simply follow the instructions on the google document. It will contain all the information to vote for who deserves the 3, 2 and 1 votes.

Round Threads

These will be here so you can comment and discuss purely who you believes deserves the votes and why. If you saw something that you think others need to have a look at and take into consideration, here is the place to let them know. All other AFL discussion should take place over at /r/AFL

Who gets 3/2/1 points?

-We will collate the information you submit and allocate the votes appropriately. Results for each round will be posted to this page.

Each week we will then create a running tally, and hopefully we should start seeing who is in line to win the coveted Brownlow medal.

2016 Leaderboard

|Team |Player | Votes | |:-----------|------------:|:------------:| | WB | Jason Johannisen |5| | SYD | Tom Mitchell |5| | PORT | Robbie Gray |4| | GC | Aaron Hall |4| | HAW | Sam Mitchell |4| | SYD | Luke Parker |4| | GC | Gary Ablett |3| | GEEL | Patrick Dangerfield |3| | COLL | Alex Fasolo |3| | FREM | Nat Fyfe |3| | HAW | Josh Gibson |3| | NMFC | Todd Goldstein |3| | NMFC | Brent Harvey |3| | WB | Lachie Hunter |3| | WCE | Josh Kennedy |3| | RICH | Kane Lambert |3|


Italicized players are rubbed out and are no longer in the running to receive the Brownlow Medal

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