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Marijuana Makes You Violent

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Before being enlightened further please look here

We are here to give unbiased information to educate the people about the drug known as marijuana and we take our activism very seriously.



1:You cannot deny the scientific evidence about the lethality of weed

2: You cannot spread misinformation about the deadliness of weed

3:You may not talk about famous weed smoking figures (Bob Marley etc)

4: You may not write any weed related slogans ( 420 etc) Writing any of these will result in an instant ban

5: Adding numbers in paranthesis to the end of your comment will result in an instant ban.

6: The plural of marijuana is marijuanas.

7: Marijuana is a deadly drug, no exceptions.

8: The plural of marijuana is marijuanas. No exceptions.

9:We are serious about our activism

10: Weed makes you violent

11: We repeat things and usually don't follow our own rules but we expect you to. We do what we want, get over it.

If your post gets caught in the spam filter, message the mods with the link to the post, and a picture of Charlie Chaplin with marijuanas for eyes. If either of these conditions arent met, you will be banned instantly.

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