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Coven Watching Your Tantrum On The Kitchen Floor

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Due to MRA tactics of harassment, intimidation, and violence, we strongly urge readers to take measures to protect their personal safety before engaging with MRAs.

This subreddit is for exposing the hate and bigotry of the so-called "men's rights movement." We comb the internet for egregious examples of hate and post them here -- whether it's cissexism, homophobia, or misogyny, it's posted here.

We are not against the concept of men's rights, we are against the "men's rights movement" -- if it can even be called that.

The Men's Rights Subreddits:

| | -| --- r/MensRights|r/masculism| r/Intactivists|r/egalitarianism| [r/MRActivism] (/r/MRActivism)|r/MGTOW| r/MensRants|r/TheRedPill| r/RedPillWomen|r/RedPillWives| r/FeMRADebates|r/marriedredpill|

-------Defunct Mister subs

Under constant siege by MRAs:

|| -|-- r/TwoXChromosomes| r/OneY| r/Equality| r/GenderEgalitarian|

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