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Rainbow Dash is best pony

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Rainbow Dash is the bestest pony of all time.


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  2. NSFW content is not allowed. This includes porn and gore.
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  4. If you have a question about the subreddit or your post gets caught in the spam filter, please message the mods.


For all your Rainbow Dash needs!

^(Feel free to send more suggested links to the mods.)


To use an emoticon, type the emote name listed under the emote or [](/xyz), where

  • x is the letters at the top-left cell of a chart (rd)
  • y is the column number (0, 1, 2)
  • z is the row number (0 to 7)

rd|0|1|2 :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 0||| |/scootabrag |/cooldash |/dashponder
1||| |/jedifilly |/fillydash |/dashomg
2||| |/dashbadass |/dashsmile |/dashbook
3||| |/dashmeh |/dashhappy |/dashwut
4||| |/rdbedmane |/rdtied |/rddrool 5||| |/rdnews |/rdshocked |/notfunny 6||| |/rdangry |/shadowdash |/rdvexed 7||| |/rdchallenge |/rdtoy |/naptime

Rainbow Dash forever!

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