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rainbow road Place

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- SERVER IS UP (4/3/17)

Reddit live thread that is always up to date

Full view of the map updated constantly

This subreddit is for making rainbows in Place! And to have some fun ofcourse :)

Our goal with this is to make the rainbow organised by the crowd for the crowd.

General Guidelines

  • Stay informed on the subreddit and discord.
  • Cooperate with others on discord or using reddit threads (if you have a new idea, submit a post).
  • Be sure to check the new and rising tabs for current information.
  • (Old)If you want to build something and other rainbow-people are not cooperating, PM them the reddit thread of what you're currently working on.

Building Guidelines (Now Old, Obviously)

  • Repair > expand
  • Core > rainbow strands further away > new stuff
  • If you see anybody trying to break the rainbow repair it.
  • Try to surround art with rainbow instead of going over/under it, but do not simply let others build over the rainbow.
  • Try to stay neutral, but always be assertive (We are not going to let people simply build over us!)
  • Art in the core is allowed, but only art we make ourselves. We do one project at a time, period.

This is the Core

ONE piece of art at a time to avoid confusing between RR art and outsiders building within our core.

Artists should as far as possible make an effort to spot outsider art in the core as early as possible and remove it as early as possible.

If the core rainbow gets hit bad by rogue pixels, maintaining order there should take priority over continuing art

Good luck and Have Fun!

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