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Both the Problem and the Solution to Everything

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"What Does Alcohol Mean to You?" Contest!

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> Shitposting Purchase Request

> Advertising Anti-Alcohol Rhetoric

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How long will it take you to get sober? Check with the BAC Calculator!

Instead of asking "How much is this bottle I found in my grandfather's closet worth?" try checking on Bevmo! or DrinkUpNY.

Buying the Next Rounds

> Absinthe (A Spirit like any other)

> Beer (The FIRST Alcoholic beverage!)

> Bourbon (America's Spirit)

> Cider (For lovers and brewers)

> Mead (Drink of the Gods!)

> Mezcal (Para todo mal...)

> Rum (Not just for pirates!)

> Scotch (Slainte!)

> Shochu (The other Other White Liquor)

> Tequila (!)

> Vodka (Cool and Clean!)

> Whiskey (also Whisky)

> Wine (Red or white, the stuff you drink)

Good Friends Bring Booze

> Bartenders (They bring you booze!)

> Cocktails (The libationary art!)

> Drinking Games (By popular request!)

> Drunk (Because you're drunk!)

> Firewater (Home Distilling)

> Liquor (Everyone enjoys a good drink!)

Gathering Dust on the Shelf

> Brandy (She's a fine girl...)

> Cognac (3 centuries and counting!)

> Gin (The Other White Liquor)

> Sake ( the best medicine!)

Out the Door

> Al-Anon (12 Steps)

> StopDrinking (Secular Support)

^/r/alcohol ^supports ^HEALTHY ^enjoyment ^of ^alcohol ^by ^people ^LEGALLY ^old ^enough ^to ^drink ^and ^NOT ^drive!

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