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The /r/alcohol Rules

The following are NOT allowed:

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> Illegal Activity > Is it illegal, against the rules, or dangerously questionable? Don't post it here. That includes smuggling alcohol into places, covering up evidence of drinking, fake id's, mixing alcohol with questionable substances, etc. NOTE: If you are not of legal age to drink in your area you are not allowed to post in r/alcohol. > > Shitposting > Shitposting, memes, brigading, and trolling are not wanted here and is likely to result in permanent ban from r/alcohol. > > Medical Discussion > No medical discussion. That includes but not limited to how alcohol affects your body, from how much it takes to get you drunk, curing hangovers, and why alcohol causes certain reactions. > > Purchase/Valuation Request > Do not post asking how much is something worth. Also, no posting where to find a particular brand, type, or special edition of a bottle. > > Advertising > No posting of ads, surveys, requests for donations, or links to alcohol related apps (free or otherwise). > > Anti-Alcohol Rhetoric > Posts complaining about how you don't like alcohol (including the taste), or wanting to know if you are (or are likely to become) an alcoholic, should be posted in /r/AlAnon, /r/Alcoholism, or /r/stopdrinking, instead. No recovery stories or links to treatment programs. > > Image/Video Posts >In certain situations, pictures that are accompanied by meaningful captions or questions will be accepted. That means more than a couple of words per photo. No cocktail photos unless accompanied by a recipe. No one can tell you what a drink is by a photo only. > >Re-Peats >Reddit has a very comprehensive search function built in for every subreddit. So before you post asking "What's everyone's favorite _?" or "Has anyone ever __?" try using the search in the sidebar. That's what it is for. > ^(click on the BOLD TEXT for more details!)

If you would like to discuss, need clarification, have questions, or suggestions about the Rules, comment in the Rules and Policies Discussion Thread!

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Buying the Next Rounds

> Absinthe (A Spirit like any other)

> Beer (The FIRST Alcoholic beverage!)

> Bourbon (America's Spirit)

> Cider (For lovers and brewers)

> Mead (Drink of the Gods!)

> Mezcal (Para todo mal...)

> Rum (Not just for pirates!)

> Scotch (Slainte!)

> Shochu (The other Other White Liquor)

> Tequila (!)

> Vodka (Cool and Clean!)

> Whiskey (also Whisky)

> Wine (Red or white, the stuff you drink)

Good Friends Bring Booze

> Bartenders (They bring you booze!)

> Cocktails (The libationary art!)

> Drinking Games (By popular request!)

> Drunk (Because you're drunk!)

> Firewater (Home Distilling)

> Liquor (Everyone enjoys a good drink!)

Gathering Dust on the Shelf

> Brandy (She's a fine girl...)

> Cognac (3 centuries and counting!)

> Gin (The Other White Liquor)

> Sake ( the best medicine!)

Out the Door

> Al-Anon (12 Steps)

> StopDrinking (Secular Support)

^/r/alcohol ^supports ^HEALTHY ^enjoyment ^of ^alcohol ^by ^people ^LEGALLY ^old ^enough ^to ^drink ^and ^NOT ^drive!

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