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Both the Problem and the Solution to Everything

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The /r/alcohol Rules

The following are NOT allowed:

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> Medical Discussion > No asking for ANY medical advice about drinking, hangovers, drugs, etc, including calorie counting. > > Underage Drinking > No discussion about underage drinking, period. If you're underage, don't post! > > Illegal Activity > No discussion of smuggling alcohol or other illegal activities (including ETG and other tests). This includes posts and comments about mixing drugs with alcohol, or taking drugs while drinking. > > Shitposting > Shitposting, memes, brigading, and trolling are not wanted here! > > Purchase/Valuation Request > If you can find it on Google, don't ask us where to buy it, or how much it's worth. > > Advertising > Whatever you're selling, nobody here is buying. This includes surveys and "free" apps. > > Anti-Alcohol Rhetoric > If you want to know if you are an alcoholic, go post in /r/AlAnon, /r/Alcoholism, or /r/stopdrinking instead. Additionally, NOBODY in this subreddit is interested in your "Alcohol Addiction Treatment" spam. > > Image/Video Posts If you post an image or video link, you MUST comment in the thread or it will be removed! Also, moderators reserve the right to remove any image or video they believe is of low quality or otherwise is not appropriate for the subreddit.

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If you would like to discuss, need clarification, have questions, or suggestions about the Rules, comment in the Rules and Policies Discussion Thread!

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Buying the Next Rounds

> Absinthe (A Spirit like any other)

> Beer (The FIRST Alcoholic beverage!)

> Bourbon (America's Spirit)

> Cider (For lovers and brewers)

> Mead (Drink of the Gods!)

> Mezcal (Para todo mal...)

> Rum (Not just for pirates!)

> Scotch (Slainte!)

> Shochu (The other Other White Liquor)

> Tequila (!)

> Vodka (Cool and Clean!)

> Whiskey (also Whisky)

> Wine (Red or white, the stuff you drink)

Good Friends Bring Booze

> Bartenders (They bring you booze!)

> Cocktails (The libationary art!)

> Drinking Games (By popular request!)

> Drunk (Because you're drunk!)

> Firewater (Home Distilling)

> Liquor (Everyone enjoys a good drink!)

Gathering Dust on the Shelf

> Brandy (She's a fine girl...)

> Cognac (3 centuries and counting!)

> Gin (The Other White Liquor)

> Sake ( the best medicine!)

Out the Door

> Al-Anon (12 Steps)

> StopDrinking (Secular Support)

^/r/alcohol ^supports ^HEALTHY ^enjoyment ^of ^alcohol ^by ^people ^LEGALLY ^old ^enough ^to ^drink ^and ^NOT ^drive!

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