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Both the Problem and the Solution to Everything

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  • A place to discuss alcohol related news, mixed-drink recipes, and other things related to the sauce.

  • Check out the /r/alcohol Cookbook thread!

  • If you are underage, want to ask a medical question, or just want to learn, check out /r/AlcoholEducation

  • When asking why you don't get hangovers: "No, you do not have superpowers; you're under 25." -- /u/deebasr

  • If you have to ask "Was I drugged or just really drunk?" 99% of the time, you were just really drunk.

  • Make sure you have read the Rules before posting!

  • How long will it take you to get sober? Check with the BAC Calculator!

  • Instead of asking "How much is this bottle I found in my grandfather's closet worth?" try checking on Bevmo! or DrinkUpNY.

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