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Aliens Exist

Non-terrestrial and non-earth originating life is absolute. This cosmos we live in, we so recently have taken stock of- is teeming with life.

Welcome this certainty in your life. Your everyday endeavors. Accept and uphold an appreciation of all living things, the sudden and immense feeling of insignificance at the vast awareness of our universe.

Each and every day, humankind approaches this collective truth. The frightening, wild feeling of abandon that 'aliens', that xenos really exist- that human sentience isn't the only light of consciousness in this universe.

About this Subreddit

This community is devoted to the species-wide, global, and collective realization of this truth. This subreddit accepts this terrifying absolute, and welcomes it. We as denizens and citizens of the first interconnected network of humanity, seek to build the culture behind this acceptance, transparency, and disclosure.

This community is devoted to the rejection of the insentient and rudimentary use of the word alien. It is a primordial and anthropocentric term that means outsider, foreigner, or unfamiliar. If you understand, as we believe, then your testimony to this truth will reframe and renew our human perspective.

Humans, born of this planet, are Human Terrans. Interplanetary travel requires a new identification of humans born off of Earth, on Mars, or the Moon as a new designation: Human Lunnites, Human Martians, Human Terrans. Thus, the title given to xenos born here or on another planet: the world of their home and the name of their sentient species.

Please post UFO videos and pictures to /r/UFOs

Please post Crop Circle videos and pictures to /r/cropcircles

Please do not post pictures of extremely low quality

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