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Share your Google Play Music Playlists!

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Share all your Google Play Music or YouTube Music playlists here. Make sure you set the playlist to public before you share it and include a short description in the comments of the playlist and what we should expect. Also if it is SFW/NSFW.

All playlists should be titled accordingly

>[Playlist][Genre] Brief description

or if you just want to discuss something tag it with the following

> [Discussion], [News], [Request], or [Help]

Any submissions from unapproved sites like Spotify or Soundcloud will lead to automatic removal of your post. That will be your first and only warning. Any unapproved submissions after that will result in an indefinite ban.

Check out this thread for help converting your tagged songs on Shazam to Google Music Playlists.

Playify opens Spotify links in GPM and will add support for playlist conversion in the future.

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