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>This subreddit is a CIRCLEJERK meant to make fun of shitty allies, not allies in general. This subreddit is in no way condemning lgbt allies, and we would like to tell everybody not to submit anything on this subreddit that does so. Allies are welcome here, we do not have anything against them. In short, we are only making fun of POWERFUL ALLIES™. For a real ally subreddit, check out /r/actualallies, /r/lgbt, or /r/ainbow.

Welcome to /r/allies! This subreddit is dedicated to straight, cisgendered allies of the LGBT movement.

If you are an ally, feel free to post anything here! This is a safe space for allies and a Free Speech Zone. If you are an ally ally (aka lgbt people), feel free to post as well, but please be respectful to the allies here. Heterophobia and cisphobia will not be tolerated, and any comments or posts containing those will be removed.


  1. Please keep arguments and drama at a minimum. This is a supportive place, and we don't want anybody to feel unwelcome, especially not allies.

  2. Posts complaining about getting banned from /r/ShitRedditSays, /r/lgbt, etc. are allowed and encouraged.

  3. Please keep homophobia to a minimum. Excessive homophobia will result in a warning.

  4. Please don't do too much transphobia, because once it gets past a certain point, we don't like it. This rule won't be enforced but we trust the users to downvote these comments if they don't like them.

  5. ABSOLUTELY NO HETEROPHOBIA OR CISPHOBIA UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Failure to follow this rule will result in your comment/post being removed, and possibly a ban.


Why does this subreddit exist? Aren't there subreddits for lgbt people and allies?

/r/ainbow and /r/lgbt are filled with gay people and trans people and stuff, which is good for them. However, in those subreddits, they're kinda getting in the way of those of us who are brave enough to support lgbt people despite being normal. It has been said that allies are the most important and powerful part of the lgbt movement. That was me. I said that. And I would have to agree with that statement. Sadly, in lgbt spaces, allies are always thrown under the bus. Why can't people realize how important we are? Do I need to remind you that we're straight and cisgendered, yet we still support gay marriage? I voted for gay marriage once. I'm a good ally. There's like 9 states that have gay marriage. That's 9 whole states in which literally all lgbt issues have been fixed. And a lot of allies prolly voted for that in those states. Also, I literally changed my facebook profile picture to the HRC equal sign during the whole supreme court thing. I'm not even gay and I changed my profile picture for lgbt rights. What would the lgbt movement do without us?

What are some of the issues with the mainstream LGBT movement?

Well, the first issue is pretty obvious. Just look at the name. LGBT. That stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Why isn't there any mention of straight people or cisgendered people? Equality means everybody is equal, and if the lgbt movement is only fighting for lgbt people, then they will only promote themselves and we won't have equality. LGBTA is a good alternative, because it includes "allies" in the acronym. However, LGBTA hasn't ever caught on. It's not only the acronym that shows this exclusion of allies. There isn't an official "straight" flag, and even if there was, the lgbt movement doesn't approve of the concept. Any attempts at Straight Pride Parades in the past have been accused of homophobia by the lgbt movement. Lastly, have you ever seen anybody fighting to legalize straight marriage? Why is the lgbt movement content with not allowing a man and a woman to marry?

Lol why do you cishets think you're so important?

I feel like this question was asked in a condescending way, but I will treat your question as legitimate. The short answer is that we think we're so important because we are so important. It's easy for lgbt people to fight for lgbt rights since they're the ones being affected by issues such as same-sex marriage and nothing else because that is the only issue. But for allies, we do what's best even though it isn't for us. Honestly, I would say that allies are the true activists, whereas lgbt people are rather selfish in their actions. I'm not saying that all lgbt people are selfish, just almost all of them. I'm a cishet (I'll use the word since you did, but I personally hate the term) and I still think gay men are cool. No homo. Gay men are probably my favorite out of lgbt people. In fact, I'd say that the movement should be GA for "Gay and Allies". But I digress. Anyway, it's incredibly brave of me to support the rights of gay men. I'm a straight guy, so I'm not even attracted to gay men. And I should be creeped out by the fact that they like men and probably want to have sex with me (I am, indeed, creeped out about that), yet I treat them like real people. That's awfully brave, don't you think?

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