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RULES Rules are like that on /r/perfectloops, but more lenient.

  1. Animated gifs only

  2. Must loop ~~seamlessly~~ somewhat smoothly (users will define what "somewhat smoothly" means by downvotes/upvotes as the smoothness isn't easily measured)

  3. Ping-ponging (playing forward and then backward) is ~~not~~ allowed.

  4. NSFW .gifs are allowed, but please put NSFW in the title or tag the post as NSFW

  5. Reposting is allowed, as long as the original can no longer be voted on on /r/almostperfectloops. Reposting from r/perfectloops is always ok, as long as it follows all other rules of this subreddit.

  6. Link directly to the gif or to the imgur page with the gif on it. This means no links to a gallery of gifs. Leave such links for the comments.

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