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Alternative Gone Wild

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Welcome to Alt Gone Wild, a place for tattooed/pierced/otherwise "alternative" ladies to share their nude selfies with reddit and celebrate anonymous exhibitionism.

Looking for alt dudes? Try /r/altdudesgonewild!

Cross-posts from /r/gonewild always welcome.

Have fun and be safe!


  • Please limit posting to once every 24 hours

  • Please show off your 'alt-ness' whether it be with your tattoos, piercings, or outfits, while alt is not really definable please know that just having a common tattoo or piercing may not be alt. If you have any questions please message the mods!

  • You must be 18 or older to submit a link.

  • Direct links to images only please. When using Imgur, simply right-click the image, select "Open in a new tab" or "View Image", and submit that URL.

  • *No advertising...EVER! Do not ask for money, votes, or gifts, and do not link to your cam site, blog, wishlist, or any other URL.

  • Be kind. We have zero tolerance for trolls.

  • Utilize the "report" feature. If someone is being a real asshole, or posting personal information about another submitter, PLEASE report them. Do not egg them on by engaging in a comment war.

  • Original content (OC) only! Do not submit links of photos, gifs, videos, etc. of anyone but yourself. No exceptions!

Verification Post Rules:

  • Create a FOUR photo post that includes the words “Verification Post” in the title.

  • A full body shot (knees to nose) is required

  • The other three photos should be three separate examples of what makes you "Alt".

  • We will require you to hand write a note to be featured in ALL FOUR of your photos. This note MUST have:

1-The words “Alt Gone Wild”

2-The date of your post

3-Your username

Verification will help you avoid our bots! We are working on bringing custom flair to /r/altgonewild. We'll keep you up to date as this develops.

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