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Alternative Right

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UPCOMING AMA: Reality Calls on Feb 7th at 4:30PM ET     

Back Up Plan

In case we get banned from reddit for their Orwellian speech policy, our contingency plan is over at Voat. Check out /v/identitarian.

What is the Alt Right?

The Alt-Right, unlike the dominant ideology of the 20th Century (Liberalism/Conservatism), examines the world through a lens of realism. Rather than continue to look at the world through the ideological blinders that Liberalism imposes in its dogmatic evangelism of the Equalitarian religion, we prefer to look & examine social relations & demographics from a perspective of what's real. Thus, racial & sexual realism is a key component of the Alt-Right - perhaps the key component that ties the diverse factions within it together.

Another core principle of the Alt-Right is Identitarianism. Identitarianism is the prioritization of social identity, regardless of political persuasion. Thus, the Alt-Right promotes White Identity and White Nationalism.

As a counter-culture, we've developed a plethora of in-jokes & terminology. For a guide to the lexicon, please refer to the TRS Lexicon guide or to Social Matter's NRx Compendium of concepts & terms.

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  1. Strictly abide by Reddit's Content Policy.

  2. Leftist agitation is strictly forbidden.

  3. No vulgarity or profanity.

  4. Don't argue from the left or punch right. Don't give the left political or moral authority.

  5. No Black Pills. Take it to /r/nihilism. We're a positive community with a bright vision for our future.

  6. No JQ posting until you have read The Culture of Critique or The International Jew.

  7. No calls to violence, even facetiously.

  8. No Reddit links. No Reddit screenshots unless usernames are removed.

If you feel you were banned by mistake, you are free to appeal by sending us a polite message via Modmail.

AMA Series:

Contact /u/reactionarytree to set up an AMA

Upcoming|Date ---|--- American Vanguard|February 15th Reality Calls|February 7th

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