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| Column 1 | Column 2 | |:-----------|:------------| |1. No photos or videos of minors allowed, under any circumstance |This goes without exception. Violation of this rule is grounds for banning.| |2. Photos must be of teens ages 18-19. |A little older is acceptable; Any younger is not.| |3. NO "creepshots" |Photos or videos must have been taken with the photographed person(s) consent.| |4. NO photoshopped images | This especially applies with "fakes", where someone has been photoshopped to appear nude.| |5. NO professional photoshoots |All photos or videos must have a "gonewild" or amateur feel.| |6. Use a trusted website for links. | For instance, if uploading a photo, use or a similar, trusted image-hosting website. (see the list below) | |7. Use direct links.| Non-direct image links may be removed. | | 8. Send the moderators a message with any report. | If you feel that a submission violates any of the rules above, PLEASE contact a moderator. If we are unable to determine why something violates one of the above rules, we will likely ignore that report and move on. Telling us why something should be removed dramatically increases our chances of removing it. Clicking the "Report a Link" button below will pre-create a report message for you. Just fill in the blanks.|

This Reddit is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

But that doesn't necessarily mean that every single submission will be NSFW.

It is for pictures of Amateur Teens OVER 18. No porn stars or models. Anything goes as long as the pics are real amateur teens.

Non-direct image links may be removed.

No personal information to be posted.

Self posts are encouraged. Negative comments are not allowed on these. Please report them when you find them.

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Posts that violate these guidelines will be deleted.

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